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Reasons for use

  • Easily create presentations to use with and without the SMART Board.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the SMART Board - present, write, modify, save, all from the board itself.
  • Comes complete with thousands of images, templates, backgrounds, multimedia elements, activities, games and more.
  • Easily insert and edit images, audio files, video clips, text, icons, clipart.

Ease of use

  • Very easy to use - easy to create, easy to present.
  • Built-in Gallery can be browsed by topic or searched by keyword.
  • Drag and drop convenience.



Use in Education




external image empty.png TRETC.notebookSmartboards are an awesome classroom tool. I attained my SMART Master training certificate the summer of 2007 and have been learning ever since. I have a number of templates that I have created or modified for classroom use. Some of the links that I am providing are from educators that I have networked with at one time or another. They have allowed me to share their site. Please pass on these resources to your fellow educators to encourage the networking of great teaching tools. Some of the links are interactive and will provide hours of educational fun...even without the Smartboard in some cases. ( registration is needed) K-3 Sites for Using the SmartBoard

external image empty.png Jeopardy (Generic).notebook external image Interactive Whiteboard.ppt

SMART Board Templates -- a wiki with templates categorized by grade level.

SMART Board Podcast--Professional development to go--a podcast with SMART Board discussion and helpful advice. Subscribe through iTunes and listen at your leisure.

Wichita Public Schools SmartBoard lessons (Awesome!)

Willoughby-Eastlake Schools in Ohio -- A great resource!

iBoard Player -- an online resource from the UK, this site has interactive activities geared mainly for young learners.

Interactive Clock-- An online clock that you and your students can manipulate.
Better yet . . . see the whole collection of interactive activities at

Education World -- Here is a great resource for classroom use.

Teaching with SMART Board-- Using a SMART Board to teach engaging lessons with a Math emphasis

Internet 4 Classrooms -- Wow. Check this site for activities and games, many of which can be used on your Board.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives -- Hundreds of math activities for use on the SMART Board.

Interactive Maps and More! -- Interactive maps at different difficulty levels; games, and more!

Topmarks -- a collection of math, literacy, and science activities

Freebies! -- download freebies such as a spinner and "refrigerator magnets"; use the online word-search creator. -- this site focuses on grades K-3 and has a multitude of activities your can use on the SMART Board.

Fun Brain -- an interactive website with activities, games, etc.

Puzzle -- this website has printable puzzles as well as online puzzles you can use with the SMART Board. Click on the "Online Games" link at the left of the page. -- This is an online mind map (or web) that you can use with your students for pre-writing, planning, etc. And, it's free!

Gliffy -- Gliffy is an online program for making flowcharts. The Basic Gliffy is free!

Virtual Teaching Gems- Some useful interactive sites to be used per subject area.

Fayette County Public Schools- Great Power Point templates for Jeoprady

Interactive Whiteboard Activities - This website is from the UK and has some great activities to be used with both the Airliner and the SMART Board.

SMART Learning Marketplace - This is the link to the SMART Learning Marketplace, which has resources (images, videos, etc.) available for you to download. When you follow the link, you'll need to register; use this demo code: FETC-J231-5830. Please let me know if you like it--or not--this is for a trial and it's expensive, but if we think it's worth it, I'll ask about the district funding it.

Engaging Kids the SMART Board Way ! - Tons of links to resources (in all subjects) for use with the SMART Board.