Interactivate - Interactive Math Assessments

external image interactivateInteractivate is a suite of fifty-nine interactive mathematics assessments. These assessments allow users to track their percentage of correct and incorrect responses on each activity. Most assessments are designed for individual use although there are some activities that can be used by multiple users. Interactivate is produced by the non-profit organization Shodor.

Applications for Education
Most of the assessments on Interactivate are appropriate for middle school and high school use. The assessments could be used at the beginning of a course to assess your students' prior knowledge. The assessments could also be used to check for comprehension at the conclussion of a day's lesson.

external image Picture+15.png**XP Math** is a good place to find math games, math videos, math worksheets, and math e-books. The **games section** of XP Math offers games for basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and probability. Create an account on **XP Math** and you can keep track of your scores. In the **teacher resources** section of XP Math you can find eleven e-books about teaching mathematics. The highlight of the **XP Math worksheets** is **1001 Math Problem**s. XP Math's **video section** offers three videos, two of which are divided into six to ten segments a piece. These videos are geared toward an elementary and middle school audience.

Applications for Education
**XP Math** is a good resource for locating mathematics activities that students can use on their own. The games section allows students to record their scores to measure their progress. The teacher resource and worksheet sections provide mathematics teachers with activities they can use when they can't get their students online.

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**200+ Free Mathematics Books**

Math Connections- Ways to cross the curriculum


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Create A Graph
Sugar Bowl Poll
**Coordinates (Flash)**
**Rotation (Flash)**
**Reflection (Flash)**
**Coordinates II (Flash)**
Mathdork - graphing
Function Flyer
Clever Kids
Graph Sampling
Getting to School
Data Picking
Planet Hop
What's the Point?
Don't Wake Kate (early graphing)
Lunar Adventure
Looking for the Top Quark Graph
Interactive Graphs
Billy Bug Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-10)
Bar Graphs
Billy Bug 2 Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-5)
Online Learning Interactive Graphs
Shark Graphing
Games on Graphs
Online Graph Generator
Basketball--Reading Bar Graphs
Tables, Circles, Bar Graphs and Circle Graphs
Equations of Lines
Data Picking
Planet Hop
Data Picking
Circle Graph Activity
Graph It!
Bar Graph
Reading Bar Graphs
Rate of Change in Linear Functions
Co-ordinate Game
Online Graphing Calculator
Gere's Bike Shop
Graphs and Charts
Grapher Cool!



Place Value- great video to teach and reinforce place value. Lower right hand corner expands the movie to full screen

Middle School

Fractions with Mr. Duey

Math Interactives

//**Lure of the Labyrinth**// is a digital game for middle-school pre-algebra students. It includes a wealth of intriguing math-based puzzles wrapped into an exciting narrative game (2/3/09)

Check this out everyone:

High School

Math Interactives

Links to Web resources for math teachers -
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This site offers an introduction to mathematics and its variety of topics. It's not just for kids, it's for everyone, even if you aren't a number nut. (2/14/09)


//**Using a Scientific Calculator**// Learn to use a scientific calculator to do simple and complex math problems. Practice with the on screen calculator or use your own. (2/12/09)

//**incompetech**// Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs (2/4/09)

external image GW41H36
Visual Fractions a tutorial that models fractions using number lines and circles (1/29/09)

external image GW61H45 algebra and basic math videos (1/23/09)

//**Dynamic Math Classroom**// examples of how the Web and dynamic software can transform math learning and teaching (1/23/09)

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//**SpeedCrunch**// a fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator. (1/22/09)

//**Jeopardy Math**// Jeopardy-style PowerPoint math games (1/17/09)

**//Problem Pictures//** bringing mathematics to life with photographs. Striking photographs are combined with original questions and problems to challenge students at all levels. (1/9/09)

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//****// many math help resources available, including math lessons, math games, and a math help message board. (12/30/2008)

Utah Education Network Math interactives for grades 7-12

//**NetTrekker Math Resources**//

//**Real World Math**// activities using Google Earth in the math curriculum

external image GW143H56
//****// a website dedicated to providing high quality, instructional, free math videos to middle school, high school, and college students

//**LaTeX Equation Editor**// type in your LaTeX equation and click Render Expression to get an equation you can paste into any document
//Sitmo Equation Editor// easily create equations that will be generated as .png format images

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WebMath Solve your math problems today

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**//S.O.S. MATHematics//** free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations

//**Calculus on the Web**// from Temple University

external image GW197H39
Mathway Solves your math problems with step-by-step explanations

external image GW151H74
//**The Futures Channel: Mathematics**// high quality multimedia content which educators in any setting can use to enliven curriculum, engage students and otherwise enhance the learning experience
The Futures Channel: Algebra
//**The Futures Channel: Problem Solving**//

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//**interactive mathematics**// where you learn math by playing with it


//**Interactivate**// interactive Java-based coursework for exploring mathematics

//**National Library of Virtual Manipulatives**// interactive web-based models for math

external image GW224H33
//**Master Math Mentor**// higher level math resources
//**Probability and Statistics eBook**// complete textbook online

//**TI-89 Graphing Calculator Emulator**// download a free authentic-looking simulation of the TI-89

Equation Grapher interactively graph polynomials live, the shape of the curve changes as the coefficients are modified

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Learn and Use GeoGebra Step-by-Step Help on How to Use GeoGebra

Intro to Geogebra... Help... Quickstart
My resource collection for teaching my teachers