external image Picture+6.pngAll of the big tech blogs were buzzing about Caption Tube yesterday. Caption Tube is a new service designed to make captioning YouTube videos an easier and more accurate process. Using Caption Tube you can create captions for your own videos or for any other video that you find on YouTube. The editing tools for Caption Tube includes a timeline to help you match your video's images to the captions that you create. You can choose the duration of time for which each caption is displayed.

Another Tool

external image Picture+5.pnganother good tool for downloading YouTube videos for use offline. Just as with similar services like Vixy, to use YouTube Snips simply enter the url of your chosen video and download the video in your preferred format. YouTube Snips gives you the choice of three formats, MP4, 3GP, and FLV. In my test of YouTube Snips the download was very quick.

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Online Video Editors

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School Friendly TV 2.0
Other TV 2.0
SqoolTube could be used in the classroom by students working independently or as part of a group lesson. A more effective way to use the videos might be to post them on your class blog so that parents can also watch them and discuss them with their children. Posting the videos on your class blog where parents can view them with their children is one way to keep parents involved and informed with what their children are learning in your classroom.
external image 499493490 Media Conversion sites**
If you can't view YouTube at your school there are a number of conversion sites that can be used to download videos ahead of time.