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Guilford County Schools
Dr. Alice Christie's Matrix of WebQuests
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Best Webquests
Dr. Alice Christie's Matrix
Guilford County Schools
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Indianapolis Public Schools
SESD Collection
Inquiry Oriented Internet Projects
Roye-Williams School Scroll down to Web Quest section
Kings Park Elementary
Teaching, Learning, Technology Centre
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Nellies English Projects Go to the Task column to the readiness level needed.
Blue Web'N
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4Teachers.org works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering FREE online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars
Microsoft in Education
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use the Site Index to find lessons by subject
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QuizStar is your online resource to make and manage online quizzes

Google for Kids and Teens:
School Time
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ABC Teach
This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers.
Free Printables: 5000+ free printable pages and worksheets
Adjusting Lessons for ESL/ELL Students

Clip Art
DK Clipart
Discovery School Clipart
FirstGov Graphicslinks to government sources
Free Cartoon clipart - very cute, but limited
Classroom ClipArt - lots of ads
Teacher Tap: Visual Resources
from Eduscapes

Earth Science Photos
Fish and Wildlife Photos
Pics4Learning - photographs
Naturescapes Starters
Photographs and Movies
Natural Archives Exhibits

FindSounds - search
Animal Sounds
library from SeaWorld
search by animal or zipcode
Global Sound
songs from around the world

To Excel is Elementary
Integrating Spreadsheets
Create a Graph and Probability
Interactive Math Virtual Manipulatives
Illuminations Web Resources for Math

Resource Room Lessons, ideas, articles and links for multisensory learning
The Teacher's Desk

Spelling Strategies
The Teacher's Desk

Elementary Chemistry introduction to atoms and molecules, the phases of matter, and chemical reactions and touches on the chemistry of the human body, photosynthesis and nuclear energy - 5th grade
Ideas for Classroom Garden

EconEd Link by MarcoPolo
Economic lessons by grade level
Scroll down to Quick Search, choose the area, click on Go
You can then search by grade level under the Find a Lesson on the left side.
external image i4c_2003s.gif
Teaching With Technology Teacher Institute for Curriculum Knowledge about Integration of Technology
WhaddyKnow Quiz Show
Fun Brain Games by grade level
Teach-nolgy Teaching Themes
Miriam Webster On-Line Dictionary
Miriam Webster On-Line Dictionary for Kids: Word Central
KidsClick Advanced search has ability to choose reading level of web site matches
Macrograms click on one, then you see grade level links
Enchanted Learning easy to read content – great for learning same content

CyberSmart Curriculum
Awesome Talking Library– free download that reads most web pages to students, either by selecting text or the entire page
Education World
The Educator's Best Friend - Make it your home page

Teachers First
Reference Sites:

42eXplore is a weekly project section that contains a thematic topic with selected web resources, ideas and activities, vocabulary, lesson plans, webQuests, and student produced materials. Watch each week for a new topic. The themes range across curriculum areas and age levels.

Literature Ladders combines award-winning and popular fiction for young readers together with selected website resources.
Multimedia Seeds (New - January 2003) contains ideas and resources to help you grow and improve as a multimedia user, developer, technology coordinator, educator, collection developer, or librarian.

NatureScapes contains original articles and photographs about our natural environment and people's place in nature
The Teacher Tap is a professional development resource that helps educators address common technology integration questions.

Activate E-Journal is a non-periodic online publication with articles aimed at developing technology-rich learning environments. Look there for materials from our presentations and workshops

Geocaching has information about combined hiking, sightseeing, and locating cached 'treasures' using our handheld GPS.

Animation, interaction, and multimedia are three elements that can make your informational or instructional projects come alive

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