external image google+imagesFor better or worse, **Google Images** is the first place that a lot of people go to find images. The problem with this until now has been that you could not easily filter results by licensing rights. Today, **Google introduced** a new image search filter that will allow you to filter image search results by usage rights. To use the new usage rights filter option, select "advanced image search" on the main Google Images page. Once in the "advanced image search" page, you will find the usage rights options at the bottom of the page. In the usage rights menu you can select one of four options; "labeled for reuse," "labeled for commercial reuse," "labeled for reuse with modification," or "labeled for commercial reuse with modification."
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Applications for Education
The new usage rights filter for Google Image search is a great feature to introduce to your students. The filtering options are written in such a way that it is very clear which images students can or cannot use in the creation of their digital presentations.

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Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft Images and Sound (Mostly!)

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Most of the media in these collections are attached to generous copyright licensing. Though you may not need to ask permission to use them when publishing on the Web for educational purposes, you should cite or attribute these images to their creators unless otherwise notified! If you see any copyright notices on these pages, read them for further instructions.
Note: always check individual licensing notices before publishing on the Web or broadcasting!

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