March 24, 2009

Fun Activity


What Does the Activboard Do?

The Activboard serves the following functions:
  1. Controls the computer by functioning as a mouse
  2. Works as an interactive whiteboard
  3. Interfaces with Microsoft Office documents

Setting Up the Activboard

Required Items

  • Promethean Activboard
  • Promethean Activstudio Software
  • Promethean Activpen
  • Activboard power supply
  • Activboard USB cable
  • LCD projector and cable

Connecting and Calibrating the Activboard

  1. Be sure the Activstudio software is installed on the computer.
  2. Connect the video cable from the PC to the projector.
  3. If using a laptop, be sure to activate the video port. This is usually achieved by pressing Fn+F7.
  4. Verify that the Activboard is plugged into an outlet. The flame in the upper-left corner of the board should be illuminated.
  5. Connect the board's USB cable to any available USB port on the PC. Wait for Windows XP to report that the hardware is ready to use.
  6. Calibrate the board. Begin the calibration process by hovering the pen over the flame power indicator for approximately five (5) seconds. Follow the onscreen directions. If the hover method doesn't work, you can calibrate by right-clicking the Promethean Activcontrol icon in the system tray.
  7. The board can now be used to control the PC. You must use the Activpen to control the board.

Note: Once the board is calibrated, moving either the board or the projector will require you to re-calibrate the board. If the board and projector are mounted, calibration need only be done when the board behaves oddly.

Starting the Activstudio Software

  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Choose All Programs > Activ Software > Activstudio3 > Activstudio Professional Edition V3.
  3. The software splash screen will appear. After a few moments, the dashboard and toolstore will appear.

Note: If the Activboard's USB cable is not attached, you will receive an alert stating the same.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is a starting point for most Activstudio tasks. It can be used to create flipcharts, change settings, and get support. The dashboard consists of five (5) tabbed areas.


The dashboard tabs:
  1. New/Open: Create new Flipcharts. Open existing Flipcharts. Turn on Activmarker. Convert PowerPoint files. Export Flipcharts to other formats.
  2. Configure: Calibrate the board. Setup Activote. Customize the toolstore. Create and open profiles.
  3. Online: Checkout the latest Promethean news using the browser built in to Activstudio.
  4. Training: Links to available Promethean training resources.
  5. Support: Check for Activstudio updates. Determine the current driver version.

The Toolstore

Promethean is a British company, so toolbar just doesn't work for them. They went with toolstore, and here it is:

The Toolstore

The Toolstore

Tool Descriptions

Tool Descriptions

Click here to download a copy of the Toolstore cheat sheet.

Practice Using the Tools

  1. From the dashboard, click New Flipchart.
  2. Using the guide above, experiment with the tools and settings.
  3. To make a blank page, simply click the right-pointing arrow on the right edge of the screen.

Using the Recognition Tool

The recognition tool works only when the board is connected. It will recognize printed and cursive text, numbers and shapes. To turn on the tool, simply click the button on the Toolstore.

The Power Tools

The Powertools

The Powertools

Making a Tickertape

  1. Click the Tickertape button on the Powertools bar.
  2. Choose New > Define.
  3. Enter the text message.
  4. Format the font as you would like.
  5. Choose a position for the tickertape.
  6. Click OK.

Note: You can adjust the speed and pause the tickertape using the controls below the message.

The Resource Library

Think of the resource library as a clipart collection. You can find items by category, and then drag them to the flipchart. To access the resource library:
  1. Click the stack of books found at the right edge of the screen.
  2. Choose a type of resource from the left edge of the library.
  3. Pick a category from the right of the resource library pop-out.
  4. Drag the resource from the library to the flipchart page.

Take some time to look at the resources.

Action Objects

Some objects are interactive. If a curved arrow appears next to the cursor when it is over an object, the object has an associated action. Clicking the object should activate it. Many action objects are located in the resource library. You'll find them under Shared Collections: Lesson Building Tools: Action Objects. Many action objects are interactive Flash animations.