Free easy way to have your students experience blogging without email addresses.

What is Blogging?

Follow one of these teachers to find out ways you can use this tool in your classroom.

Colin Becker: We Can Work IT Out
Lorna Costantini: Our School (Parents as Partners)
Janet Bianchini: Janet's Abruzzo Edublog
Hedy Laverdiere: Mrs. L's Rocket Launchers
Amy Meyer: UR English Teacher's Blog
Clay Reisler: Recess Duty
Becky Herl: Small Town Tech
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn: Cyndi's Education Technology Place
Ramses: Spanish Only
Kim Caise: Kim's Ventures in Educational Technology


Blogs are basically online journals. Entries appear in chronological order and are usually a bit more in depth than a chat, but still fairly informal. Content is usually based on the writers own perspective and opinion...almost like thinking out loud. Many blog sites are capable of including podcasts, videos and pictures as well as text.

For educational purposes they can be used for:
  • writing - ANY aspect
  • character development
  • journaling
  • creative writing
  • current events
  • class updates/newsletter

Blogger HelpThe Connected Classroom Blog Resource SiteEducational Blogging Blog page
external image Picture+2.pngTeachers First provides a wealth of lesson plan resources to teachers of all K-12 content areas. Additionally, Teachers First provides teaching ideas and practical tips for classroom teachers. One such resource is their guide Blog Basics for the Classroom.
Blog Basics for the Classroom is designed to provide guidance to teachers creating classroom blogs for the first time. This guide starts with an explanation of what a blog is, provides many suggestions for using a classroom blog, and concludes with step-by-step explanations for setting up a blog.
Thanks to Kelly Hines for link.
Applications for Education
This could be a good resource for teachers who are interested in creating a blog for their classrooms, but aren't sure how to get started. The "blog use ideas" section of the guide is a practical list for anyone who has a classroom blog.

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Contributor: Mr. Byrne