Summer_reading.jpg Summer Reading 2010-2011 School Year

Below are the general requirements for summer reading.
You may download your class information using Adobe Reader (PDF files). Check the folders at the bottom of this page.

General Requirements
  • Students are responsible for securing reading material from the public library, online, or in local book stores. You may also want to check out used book stores, garage sales, and the used book sale hosted by the Public Library System. Sharing copies with friends is also a good idea!
  • Students will write an essay on a specific topic as assigned by the grade level teacher.
  • Typed essays are due on the first day of the fall semester for ALL students regardless of the semester English is scheduled.
  • Students are required to take a comprehension/analysis test on the reading during the first week of the fall semester (test dates will be announced at the start of the school year).
  • Students enrolled in English during second semester must report to the grade level teacher at a designated time to take the test. Listen to homeroom announcements for details.
  • Summer reading assignments will count toward the first nine week grading period of the semester.
  • There are no deadline extensions granted for any reason . All students must meet the deadlines required. There are no extensions granted for missing the quiz dates.

Where Should I Look For Summer Reading Books?

Erie County Public Library
  • There are many branches of the library. Consult the phone book for locations, phone numbers, and hours of operation.
  • Please understand the library will have limited numbers of copies. Get your copy early or be prepared to wait for your copy or look elsewhere.

Barnes and Noble Booksellers
5909 Peach Street
(814) 864-6300

Borders Books and Music
2088A Interchange Road
(814) 864-8937
Borders is also in the Mall and an outlet location is at the Grove City Outlets

Erie Book Store
137 East 13th Street
(814) 480-5671

Used Book Stores
  • There are numerous used book stores listed in the phone book.
Garage Sales
  • Keep your eyes open…you never know what you will find.
Borrow From Friends or Relatives
Share Copies With Your Friends
Look for free online books through Power Library or the Internet

Academic Honesty

We encourage you to do some background research on the books/plays assigned and the author and the time period the work was written. Although Cliff’s Notes, Spark Notes and other study materials are beneficial as a supplement to the actual reading of the text, they are not endorsed as a method of replacement for the text itself. The internet has some great resources to help you understand the works presented. Make use of the library and sources on the internet if you have difficulty with the reading. Study groups and discussions with your friends are also helpful. Please be aware that some teachers do not have access to district e-mail over the summer and may be unable to address questions via e-mail.

Reading Journals

Although reading journals are not required for all classes, some students have found it beneficial to keep a reading log where your thoughts on the plot, character, themes, style of writing etc. can be recorded. Some classes will require you to do additional work with the reading during the semester. It would be helpful to have a journal to refer to as a refresher of the details of the book. It is also helpful to record your questions about the reading in a journal. Doing so will help you present intelligent questions to your class when you return.

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